How to use Technology to Grow Your Cleaning Business

November 20, 2017

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Today, technology is everywhere, and it has changed the way we work forever. For those of us in the cleaning industry, innovations and new technology are transforming the way we deliver our services, manage our resources and promote our business.

Technology that reduces your labour costs and increases your efficiency, both on the ground and in the office, will bring value to your organisation. Whether it’s a new cleaning product, software solution or piece of equipment, keeping up with the latest developments is a must if you want to get ahead. Here are four simple and effective ways leading cleaning companies are using technology to grow their business – and you can too.

Use Software to Streamline Your Systems

You maybe delivering top quality cleaning services to all your clients, but if you’re not fully organised behind the scenes, you’ll struggle. Setting up good systems is a must, and this is one area where technology excels. You can use software programs like Clientskey to manage everything in your business in one place. This saves you time, and helps you deliver professional and timely service to your customers.

With the right software solution, you’ll see the whole picture, and can easily prioritise tasks, organise workflows and allocate resources with a few clicks. You’ll also be able to keep your records up to date and communicate with your team and stakeholders so everyone stays up to date.

Optimise Your Mobility with Apps

The ability to truly mobilise your team has given us greater flexibility and connectivity than ever before. Mobility brings increased efficiencies across the organisation and a higher level of service to your clients. When you arm your team with a mobile device, you can communicate from anywhere, which means everyone stays in the loop no matter where they are.

To take it a step further, if your chosen software solution also has a mobile app, your mobility will be fully optimised. With an app, it’s fast and simple to communicate instructions, track progress and keep up to the minute records. When your team can log in and update work records as they go, it saves a heap of time on administration tasks and makes life easier for everyone.

Find Out About the Latest Products and Equipment

The competitive nature of business continually drives innovation, and it’s important you are in the know when it comes to the latest developments. When your customers encounter a problem, they can do an online search and find answers within seconds. If they discover there’s new technology available that has led to an exciting new product or machine that can solve their problem, they’ll want to know why you’re not using it. Or worse, they may just switch to a competitor that is.

To stay up to date, subscribe to industry newsletters, blogs and magazines such as InClean, follow leading cleaning equipment manufacturers on social media, and attend cleaning conventions where possible. Knowing about new innovations and technology as it happens will impress your customers, give you an edge over your competitors and allow you to work more efficiently.

Increase Your Online Presence

Today, most customers do their own online research to find a product or service they need. So, if you’re serious about growing your business, it’s essential that you have an online presence. At the very minimum, you need a good website, and these days, there are lots of affordable options to get your site up and running quickly and easily.

Social media is another place potential customers may be found and won over, and the small investment in time to set up and manage a profile on Facebook or LinkedIn can bring excellent returns. Online review sites including Word of Mouth and True Local are becoming the new go-to place for people to find out more about a business they’re thinking of using. By consistently delivering quality work, and asking your happy customers if they could leave a review, you’ll likely end up with a good rating and great comments before long.

The Right Technology Helps You Grow – So Embrace It!

Making the most of technology is all about keeping up with the latest innovations and identifying those that can help you grow your cleaning business. Whether it’s a software solution that saves you time and helps you work effectively, or an increased online presence to build your brand, look for opportunities and grab them.

Over to You

Have you discovered a new cleaning innovation you’d like to share? Or have a question about new software developments for the cleaning industry? We’d love to hear your questions and comments.


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