Empower your team with the tools to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Invest in activity based monitoring to deliver visibility into your business operations.


One of the challenges of many service industry businesses today is the accountability of day to day operations and activity. Quickly and easily deliver a meaningful dashboard of business operations to your team.

ClientsKey will empower your team with the tools to be more effective. Cloud based status information about operations, processes and customer interactions delivered in real time to key personnel. Promptly address problems, organise and deploy resources, take advantage of emerging opportunities.

The ClientsKey activity based monitoring system combines and collates multiple sources of data from your teams daily operations. Deliver this activity to your operations managers in real time on an easy to use app.

ClientsKey will provide visibility of activity and measurable assurance of performance to clients, partners and management.

Take advantage of emerging opportunities by investing in new technology to improve team productivity. Start your free trial today.

Every client is equally important.


With over 10 years experience as Operations Manager for Clean-A-Maniacs, Peter understands the importance of maintaining productivity and assuring quality standards.



His daily responsibilities include overseeing and evaluating the activity of contracted staff responsible for delivering excellence to all clients, large or small. The challenges of effectively distributing daily work orders to contractors, overseeing management of materials and equipment as well as maintaining client relations has kept him very busy over the years.

Too busy putting out fires leaves little time in the day to touch base with the little guys. This is where opportunities for growth lie. Spending 80% of time on 20% of clients can be counterproductive. As the small operator expands and grows, his team must be ready to grow with them. Small operations, with basic work order specifications may one day become one of the most important clients.

Last week, Peter visited a small but loyal client for the first time in years. They discussed the importance of clear work orders and schedules that are measurable. Using ClientsKey, even the smallest of partners is able to immediately assess the quality of activity. Through the ClientsKey cloud based activity management portal, all the important people know exactly what’s going on. Big or small, every client is important.

Do you want to exceed company sales and operations goals?

ClientsKey can dynamically manage your time and resources. Give your company the power to instantly create and assign activity with assurance that your team is deployed effectively and your client is in the loop.

The best business tools are the ones your team actually uses. From the smallest to the most complex client, everyone is equally important.

Deliver on agreed specifications and improve the quality of your customers experience through dynamic management of your team’s activity. Create transparency and empower your team by planning and executing on a single platform.

Lets talk about how you understand the daily workflow and activity in your business.


At ClientsKey, we believe that our industry tailored activity based monitoring system is unique. It will enable you to optimise your workflow and maximise client satisfaction.
The focus with commonly used monitoring systems has been in detecting deviations from the planned performance.

We know you believe your organisation has great people. We understand your team is growing and with more multi-site operations, the necessity to operate remotely and independently becomes crucial to success. Bringing all this together can be a challenge.

ClientsKey will allow your organisation to streamline workflow management processes around any task or activity. Move your business forward and dynamically manage your time and workflow. Improve team productivity and immediately assess client satisfaction with real time cloud based monitoring. All this from the single, easy to use clientsKey platform.

Stay tuned and read some of our testimonials from some of our key partners.

ClientsKey delivers activity based monitoring system to successful service management companies.

How is your company going to improve productivity in 2016?
Does your company benefit from a cloud based, real time overview of daily operations? How do you monitor resources and manage activity?

Success for your service industry depends on clearly defined work specifications with your client and the transparent delivery of activities.

This is not always the case and we hear of a number of industries demanding a more efficient way of delivering excellence in managed services. When a client engages Australia’s leading hygienic services company for a washroom service across multiple sites and offices across Victoria, there is a clear and defined set of activity that needs to occur each week. The reporting system for service delivery needs to be more than signed confirmation that a representative has arrived for the job. The client should demand a level of certainty that the work has been completed to agreed specifications. The provider must have assurance in achieving the required standard of service excellence. Accountability for service delivery through accurate and timely monitoring.


Unlock the potential to streamline your companies operations with ClientsKey.
At ClientsKey, we understand that a successful service industry workplace relies on team productivity and a transparent workflow.

Deliver an activity based monitoring service to your valued clients through:
-Agreed client specifications and defined activity to allocated resources for each job.
-A cloud based system that links the service team to the service delivery in real time.
-On the spot evaluation and assurance of successfully delivered activity.
-Accountable feedback of issues or complaints assuring prompt resolution.

Would you like to identify how ClientsKey can unlock the potential in your business?

Exciting news from your ClientsKey team.

Exciting news from your ClientsKey team.

Metricon Homes, a builder renowned for innovative design and quality builds since 1976 have turned to Direct8 to provide a superior cleaning service to their operational and head office facilities.


Direct8, a champion of ClientsKey is proud to partner with Metricon Homes as the preferred cleaning company for their Victorian offices.

The ClientsKey activity based monitoring application is key to the success of the partnership. Direct8 are able to manage activities, workloads and resources across both Metricon sites and cater to the defined specifications of each floor and individual office spaces. All this with real-time cloud based accountabilities, ensuring that every Metricon work-order is completed on time and to the highest standard.

Look forward to more updates on the new partnership.

ClientsKey. The unfair advantage.

Clientskey Beta Testing for Cleaning Industry

With many industries adopting new technologies to improve team productivity and share workload, it is dawn of a new era for businesses looking for efficient ways to monitor activities. And Clientskey is proud to be a pioneer in the market with an application to effectively collaborate, manage and access activities on the go.

Our online activity-based monitoring application enables businesses to forego the obsolete methods of task management and introduce a new concept of specification management to their client portfolios.

Clientskey Beta Testing for Cleaning Industry
Clientskey Beta Testing for Cleaning Industry

Cleaning industry has been our biggest cheerer all those years and our collaboration with companies such as Direct8 and Clean a Maniacs has proved to be a pivotal factor in determining the quality of our application. Therefore, Clientskey is happy to announce beta testing for our clients in the cleaning industry to make our efforts more customer focused.

During the beta testing process, our clients will try out the Clientskey activity monitoring application to provide their feedback about the application to our development team. Any recommended changes will go through the approval process and will be incorporated in the final commercial release of our application.

Are you excited about the final launch of our application? Stay tuned for more news.

Happy Reading!

Clientskey Starts 2016 with a Bang

2016 is almost here and it is time to bring out the champagne, to reflect on the preceding year and to welcome the new one. And here at Clientskey, we are planning to start 2016 with an ultimate bang.

The start of the New Year is always a great time to bring forth changes in your business. Instead of doing the same things over, it is time to invest in something new to move your business forward. And at Clientskey, we are bringing a new application for our loyal customers to monitor and manage their activities in a streamlined manner.

Clientskey Starts 2016 with a Bang
Clientskey Starts 2016 with a Bang

Managing work, time and resources has never been an easy task and businesses suffer without a good activity management application at hand. But with Clientskey, you can instantly create and assign activities to your resources and monitor progress at the same time. It provides businesses and service providers with real-time visibility into the operations.

Clientskey activity-based monitoring application ensures instant collaboration and users can perform work in a fast-paced environment. With the cloud technology, users will have the flexibility and mobility they never had before. And the best part? Your data is always safe with us and you can access it anytime, anywhere.

To find out more, stay tuned to our blog in 2016.

Happy New Year!

Season Greetings from Team at Clientskey

With Christmas around the corner, it’s a time to rejoice, to reconnect and to dream big. And at Clientskey, we’re planning to do all three.

These are particularly exciting times here at Clientskey as our team is gearing up for the launch of our new website early next year. We’re reconnecting with our loyal customers and you will be able to access our cool, new website after the holiday season. And that’s not all! We’ve had something very exciting brewing over the last few months and our development team has been working really hard to bring users a monitoring application with no likes in the market.

Season Greetings from Team at Clientskey
Season Greetings from Team at Clientskey

Our activity-based monitoring application provides real-time overview of your business and personal operations with increased visibility. You can manage activities, workload and resources using our web-based as well as the mobile application. Now, you can run your business with smarter and faster tools. With Clientskey, your workers, supervisors, clients and other external users are always on the same page. And the best part? You can access our cloud-based application anytime, anywhere with our FREE iPhone and Android Apps.

Want to join in all the fun? Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Year.