7 Ways Your Cleaning Company Can Attract Higher Paying Clients

February 21, 2018

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It’s the dream of most business owners to attract high-end customers. These are the clients who are concerned with quality, not cost, and they can make a massive difference to your profitability and success.

So how do you get the attention of high-end clients, and convince them to choose your cleaning company over your competitors? Here are 7 ways to win the business of customers who are willing to pay good money for a top service.

1. Don’t Under-Price Your Services

do-not-underprice-your-servicesIt can be tempting, especially when you’re starting out, to try and offer the cheapest price to win new customers. While there is always a place for budget-friendly options, if you want to compete for high-end clients, your price should reflect quality rather than affordability. It’s important not to over-charge but be mindful that offering the lowest rates can send the wrong message to the clients who don’t mind paying top dollar for the best.

2. Deliver Quality Every Time

deliver-qualitySuperior quality is what higher paying clients are looking for over everything else, so be sure to deliver it in spades. This starts with hiring the right people and using the right equipment, to ensure you provide outstanding results for your clients every time. Remember, it’s often the small details that make a real difference. Encourage your team to take extra care so they don’t miss a thing, as high-end clients expect this level of care and won’t accept anything less.

3. Establish Credibility and Trust

Credibility-and-TrustTo build a strong reputation and credibility as a leading cleaning company, you’ll need to deliver memorable service and quality workmanship. It’s essential to appear professional at all times and to demonstrate your expertise in every job you take on. You can build trust in your abilities by publishing informative blog articles on your website to show potential customers that you know your stuff. This is an important way to reach clients who are looking for the best in the business (and are happy to pay for it).

4. Target Your Marketing

target-your-marketingFor your marketing to reach high-end customers, you need to choose your channels wisely. Put some time and effort into defining your ideal client, then think about where they would go to find the services of a cleaner. Are they likely to be part of a local business group? Attend local events and network like crazy. Or are they more likely to do their research online? Make sure your website looks professional, includes clear and accurate information, and ideally, a blog and testimonials that prove you’re an expert in your field.

5. Provide Exceptional Service

Exceptional-ServiceWe’ve touched on this already, but it’s worth mentioning again because it’s so important! Service that goes above and beyond always leaves a good impression, but when it comes to high-end customers, they won’t settle for anything less. Make sure all your staff are trained to do the little things that make a big difference. This could be something as simple as always arriving on time with a friendly smile or being flexible with scheduling to suit your client’s needs. Great service is unfortunately the exception rather than the rule, and you’ll soon set yourself apart from competitors if you make it your focus. Your efforts will not go unnoticed by the clients who expect the best.

6. Make Them Feel Special

satisfied-customerGoing out of your way to spoil your high-end customers with small perks that show your appreciation is key. When you’re in the process of getting them on board, be sure to have a little something extra included in the deal. As we’ve mentioned, these clients aren’t overly concerned with cost, so focus any extras on service rather than discounts. Get creative, because the right perk may just win you a long-term higher paying customer that makes a huge difference to your business.

7. Set Up the Right Systems

right-business-systems-2It’s impossible to be a leading cleaning company and attract the top paying clients without the right processes and systems in place behind the scenes. Utilise technology to stay organised and professional. A small investment in software made for the cleaning industry, can bring huge efficiencies to your day. This will not only impress potential high-end clients, it will also free up your time, so you can focus on winning more business.

Final Word on Attracting Higher Paying Clients

If you decide to focus on pursuing higher-paying clients, make sure you understand what it is they value most – then deliver it. Attract them with targeted marketing using the right channels, and set yourself up with the right people, equipment and technology to deliver outstanding results.

It can take time, but with hard work, focus and perseverance, you can win the big clients and build a successful cleaning business.

Over to You

Have you got a top tip for attracting high-paying cleaning clients that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it!

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