Direct8 has been in the cleaning industry for over 25 years.  For Direct8, all clients are equally important and the company continually strives to perform as market leader in the industry.  Their reputation as a quality service provider in the hospitality and commercial cleaning industry is one to be envied.

With this in mind, the management team of Direct8 sought to find an activity management system like no other.

We spoke to Sales Director George Nahas about how long the company had been looking for an activity management solution.

“There was nothing out there that could manage the scope of work efficiently.  We didn’t need a project management tool, weren’t looking for an electronic ‘to-do’ list – we needed something that would streamline our activity and keep everyone in the loop and on the same page in real time – including our clients.”

“Clientskey is the perfect activity management system for us.  We have been using Clientskey for nearly two years now and our response time is second to none.”

So how does George start his day?

“We operate twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week.  First thing – Clientskey dashboard.  Snapshot view of what’s going on.  Who’s doing what, what’s in progress, what’s outstanding and what my management team need to prioritise.  From there, team members, contractors and resources are allocated.”

“Out of specification requests and inspections are allocated and handled within minutes rather than days with Clientskey.”

On site and on the go?

“Our staff, contractors and suppliers need to be aligned; particularly when on site.  The key to in the field efficiency is the Clientskey app.  Anywhere, anytime. Simple, easy to use and an invaluable tool.  In real time; I know my team understand the job, and the client understands the quality of work we deliver.”

Any final words George?

“We insist on service delivery that is second to none.  Managed services, tailored solutions and maintenance plans for each individual client.  This is what sets us apart – couldn’t do it without Clientskey.”

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